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These days, being famous just isn’t that complicated. Technology, used the right way, will put you and your business in front of your target audience.

Let me prove my point. Please understand that I am not bragging or claiming that I’m known all over the world. But, all things considered, my reach might surprise you.

Partial list:

Over 17,000 people subscribe to my newsletters.

Do a Google search for “best marketing consultant in Long Beach California” and you’ll find me – usually on page 1.

Do a Google search and a YouTube search for “Kalem Aquil Marketing” and I have significant presence.

I’m a published author on Amazon

My itunes podcast – “Business Growth Depot

My local podcast –

I’ve published and distributed almost 100 ebooks.

And, this is just a partial list of my marketing consultant and business coach presence. All of this is a result of the investment that I’ve made in my training. I spent quite a bit of money on internet products and tools. But, without a doubt, the best money I’ve spent is what I have invested in my training. I now, not only have built a significant presence for myself, as a consultant, I do so for others.

I got the best training from Mike Koenig’s Traffic Geyser. And now, he is about to release Traffic Geyser 2.0. Of course, I will invest once again. And I would like to strongly encourage you to invest in yourself by taking advantage of this offer. In being fully transparent, I will receive a commission if you purchase through my link. But, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. And you will be amazed at the amount of powerful and easy to use tools included.

Traffic Geyser offers the best, the most powerful and the easiest to use tools in the marketing industry. But, more powerful than the tools is the training that they provide. They’ve taught me the real value of sharing valuable content to get attention and build trust. I’ve shown you proof of what using Traffic Geyser training and tools have done for me. Now, I want to invite you to take a look at more video proof of others that continue to benefit from Traffic Geyser.

Content in this video will stimulate your imagination about what Mike Koenigs’ new Traffic Geyser 2.0 system can do for you, by having you meet and hear from a few people just like you who’ve seen success with his software tools and training systems.

traffic geyser 2.0 review

The questions you’re probably asking yourself right now are…

  1. Will the new Traffic Geyser work for me and in my business?
  2. Is Traffic Geyser easy to learn and use? Can I do it?
  3. Will it produce results? Or specifically, is it going to help me make money?

These are all fair questions…and you’ll learn the definitive answer in this video.

One thing I know about those of you who are entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches or creative types is that you have a burning desire to contribute, make a difference, have massive impact and help people.

And you want to be financially rewarded for who you are and what you know – not just what you do.

You want You Everywhere Now…and Traffic Geyser will help you get your message out to the world.

The diagnosis, the cure and the key to solving all of these problems is one word: TRAFFIC.

And this video will show you how.

Even if you choose not to invest, I promise that you will learn some very valuable and useful marketing lessons by watching the video as well as downloading the free marketing books. Frome time to time, I recommend resources to you. But, Mike Koenig’s Traffic Geyser 2.0 has my highest recommendation. Their training and their tools are awesome and get my highest recommendation. But, more significantly for me, they are the most authentic and sincere people that I have ever met in the marketing world!

Talk soon,


P.S. To those that invest, I will invite into a private mentoring group where I will share my entire marketing library resources with you. Also, I will provide mentoring to members.

Can I Give You A Free Book That Shows You How To Be Seen As Industry Leader?

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Want to learn how to easily get in front of your audience with the click of a button? Then you must get your copy of this free book today?

The book is about the revolutionary marketing tools package – Traffic Geyser 2!

Watch the brief video to hear my story of what using Traffic Geyser has done for me. I will show you proof of what is has done and continues to do for me.

And, best of all, Traffic Geyser 2.0 is about to be released!

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Ready To Start Your Home Based Photography Business?


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I have made many mistakes in starting a home based photography business. 

how to start a photography businessMost of the time, I’ve done my best to correct my mistakes.

For example, I no longer do so. But, I mistakenly used to compete on my photography prices. At the time, I thought that having lower prices was a reasonable way to get started. Eventually I found out that is a huge mistake. Here is a link to a great, brief article on why you shouldn’t make the same mistake of competing on pricing your photography. I wish I knew what is in this article when I started my photography business.

How To Start Your Own Home Based Photography Business

Ever considered getting into the business of photography?

Get the real deal scoop on what it takes with this free training program. You’ll learn the business secrets that are used to generate $2,991 in a single day and how you can follow along with your own home, on location or studio based photography business.

Take a look at this free photography business training course.

I especially like this particular free training because it shows how to successfully build a home based photography business around your lifestyle instead of having to make big time adjustments to try to fit your life into someone else’s idea of having a home based photography business.

This explains everything…

Keep shooting………


How To Price Photography with Value


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Video Description

How To Set Photography Pricing with Value is the lesson in this video. When it comes to selling digital photography or selling amateur digital photography, too many photographers get it wrong. This video offers how to price photography. First the photographer must have “photography confidence” (this is the “confidence-building” photography course referred to in this video. Too many photographers use the wrong factors when they price their photography and their photography services.

When I look at the marketing of many photographers, I am often amazed at how they go about operating their photography business. One of the challenges that I see the most often is the ability to set profitable photography prices for themselves.

Recently, I was hired to give a marketing workshop to members of a photography club. Most of the members responded that they were trying to make money with their photography. Most the newer photographers starting their business were at a loss at how to determine their photography prices. Many of them looked at the prices of photographers that had been in business for some time, and just copied the prices that they saw. That’s fine if the experienced photographer has prices that reflect “real value.” If not, the newer photographer is just repeating mistakes.

This video offers lessons that I’ve learned about setting photography prices. It isn’t as difficult to me now as it once was because I continue to see the lessons of the video work.

For more marketing for photographers’ resources, visit:

How To Master Flower Photography With Digital Photography


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Flower photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. You can photograph flowers growing in the wild, flowers that are cultivated in greenhouses and gardens, or photograph cut flowers and arrangements indoors, in a studio setting.

Digital cameras are proving to be best for flower photography.

Any lens can be used in flower photography, from the ultra-wide angle lens (17mm),to the super-telephoto lens (300mm or 400mm),but if you are serious about close-up flower photography, buy a macro lens.
how to photograph flowersMost point-and-shoot digital cameras come with a built-in macro mode. Your digital camera’s macro feature lets you get very close to your subject, and that is important when photographing flowers.

A tripod is essential because it reduces the chance that you’ll get a blurry image. Many tripods, even when fully collapsed, are too high for photographing low growing flowers. That is why you need to get a tripod that allows you to get close to the ground. A special kind of tripod, called a tabletop tripod, is great for photographing small flowers and other objects.

The ideal lighting for photographing flowers is the soft, diffused light of open shade or a cloudy day. Night photography is also an option. A flower photo can be very attractive when illuminated by flash. Wind is the most annoying factor when photographing flowers, so be patient and wait for the wind to die down before you take a picture.

Whether you’re photographing flowers indoors or outdoors, consider unusual angles. Try photographing your flowers in early morning light and photograph them again in late afternoon light. Use warming filters to create mood. Add water droplets to the petal of your flower and give it that dewy, morning look. Experiment with backlighting and try to highlight the transparency of the petals.

Don’t forget that, although most people love color photography, creative flower photography can be in black & white, sepia and monochrome in flower photography as well.

The only way of developing successful techniques in flower photography is to practice, and also learn more about flowers. Botanical gardens and nature preserves are some of the places where you can not only take photos of flowers but also learn more about them.

Learn more at today!

Do Your Flaws Get In Your Way?

I hope that this article finds you well. It has been some time since I published here. Without taking up your time with my excuses, just know that I’m having my share of “issues!” (Technology crashes, computer viruses, money issues, health issues, etc. etc.)

As you know, my niche in photography is the marketing of photography and photographers. Over the last couple of years I have extended my marketing to other businesses besides to photographers. I’ll share more with you about that later in this issue.

One of the photographers that I followed when I first began to publish photography marketing content is Robert Provencher. I followed others also. But, I enjoyed his style and his directness. Also, he didn’t appear to be condescending like others that I know about.

Anyway, one of his latest blog posts struck a nerve with me and I thought that I would share it with you. Basically, he shares that he doesn’t let his flaws get in his way. And, apparently, he has quite a few flaws. You may also find it a good read. His suggestions include ‘asking yourself some probing questions’ and ‘following your bliss.’

How Is Your Marketing These Days?

Some of my recent communications to you have been specifically about successfully marketing yourself and your business. Believe it or not, just like Photoshop revolutionized the world of photography, the world of business marketing is experiencing an even bigger revolution.

For example, Apple Computers uses the latest marketing strategies. That’s why people stand in line waiting to buy their products. Many “business experts” mistakenly thought that type of customer loyalty was because of Steve Jobs’ personality. But, Steve Jobs is now deceased and Tim Cook is now the CEO of Apple Computers. And the lines waiting to purchase the latest Apple products are just as long! Apple Computers, like other smart businesses, is implementing “magnetic marketing” strategies.

And, believe it or not, you can do the same thing yourself.Magnetic Marketing for Photographers and Photography

Magnetic Marketing isn’t difficult to do once you know what it is. Magnetic Marketing is what I teach to small business owners, writers, public speakers, musicians, photographers and others. With all of the tools available to us these days, implementing Magnetic Marketing strategies is very doable. Better yet, it is much less expensive than traditional marketing and promotion.

If you want to get a free ebook guide that I share with business owners, visit my Magnetic Marketing site. Once you opt-in, you will receive the guide. And you will begin to receive concise email lessons on ‘how to build a following.’ Trust me, this will dramatically grow your photography customer base.

Talk soon ,


I’m crashing over here……

I don’t know about you. But, for me, when my technology crashes – it REALLY crashes! Once again, my main computer and my back up computer crashed on me – both at the same time! I got them both fixed. And my main computer (which is an Apple MacBookPro) crashed again.

So, needless to say, I have gotten behind on most of the technology stuff that I normally do and that I need to do.

But, that’s the bad news. Other than the crazy technology issues that I’m having – life is pretty good!

As you may know, I’ve spent the last year and a half becoming an expert marketing consultant. I’ve been doing some consulting as well as coaching for business owners from part-time photographers to massage therapists to music producers.

If you have ever considered being a coach or a consultant, you will enjoy this audio by two coaches/consultants. (The audio is an MP3 file. All you have to do is download the file and play it.) The audio is just under an hour and includes some great (and very easy to do) tips that will help you establish your position as an expert in your chosen field. It will also provide tips on how to establish your credibility and build your confidence.

If you have not considered being a coach or a consultant, you might be surprised at how much your knowledge and expertise is needed. And, it really doesn’t matter what your expertise is. Mine is marketing. But, there are coaches/consultants in photography, cooking, dog grooming, quilt making, archery, etc.

Talk soon,


P.S. Recently, I bought the ultimate consultant training program available anywhere. This particular program is not for everybody. One reason is because of the price. But, I’ve already used tips to get a new consulting client. And their fee will pay for the program. If coaching or consulting has crossed your mind, do yourself a favor and check this out. Even if you do not buy the training program, the free content that they are giving away will be worth your time – and then some. I promise.


Magnetic Marketing Works For Apple And Will Work For You


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Magnetic marketing works well for Apple as we are witnessing with the “rush,” once again, by Apple customers to get Apple’s latest iphone. Clearly, magnetic marketing works. But, will it work for your small business – might be your question.

As effective as Apple’s marketing appears to be, when properly understood and implemented, small business magnetic marketing is just as effective. What might even be just as impressive is that knowing what magnetic marketing is and effectively implementing it is very cost effective. In fact, for most small businesses that are already advertising and marketing, it is much less than what they’re paying now. Add to that, small business magnetic marketing, when done correctly can provide high and very measurable returns on investment ROI (which is not always available with traditional marketing).

Magnetic marketing (also referred to as inbound marketing) is essentially lead generation via content, social media and web presence rather than having to go out and drum up sales. The most effective magnetic campaigns today are all based on stellar content. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work in terms of powerful content is crucial to the success of any business that has an online presence.

In order to set up and implement an effective small business magnetic marketing campaign you need to identify your unique selling proposition USP, your ideal customers and the places and platforms where that ideal customer prefers to gather.

You can do this in part by carrying out targeted keyword research (keywords are the words that consumers type in search engines when looking for your type of business), by creating an ideal customer profile, by conducting market research that includes a competitor analysis and by being intimately acquainted with the multiple platforms and mobile devices that now exist.

Currently, there are various marketing strategies that make it possible and practical for small businesses to effectively implement magnetic marketing campaigns such as Facebook marketing, email marketing,  local SEO marketing, social media marketing, text message marketing, video marketing, etc. Each is simple to learn. The effectiveness is knowing the platforms that your customers prefer. The challenge for many small business owners is being clear what the current strategies are, why they work and how to effectively use them.

Learn more about small business magnetic marketing by downloading this free ebook. Magnetic marketing is dramatically less expensive than traditional marketing. If you want to know how effective it can be for you, pay attention to how many iphones that Apple sells. If magnetic marketing works for them, chances are very good that it will work for you.

Here’s a WordPress guide for you


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I used to be afraid of WordPress websites. Yes, I heard how “fantastic” they were and how (supposedly) “easy” they were to work with. But, wordpress just wasn’t working for me!

I tried building wordpress websites using various resources that were supposed to make it easy. But, they just were not working for me! I just didn’t get it. I have multiple websites. My oldest and largest website is an html website. And, for the most part, I am very happy with html.

But, since I’ve been consulting for small businesses, many small business owners are always asking me about wordpress websites. So, I continued to try my hand with wordpress websites.

And then it clicked for me! I finally got it! (Apparently, I was making it much too difficult.)

This year, I have built dozens of wordpress sites – most of them for small business owners. Many small business owners kept telling me that they wanted to build their websites themselves. So, I put together a video course that many of them are very happy with and I want to share it with you.

First, though, here is an ebook that gives a great understanding of why wordpress sites are so popular these days. Click Here to download your copy.

The videos that make up the WordPress Video Course are the videos that eliminated my wordpress fears. There are over 20 videos in the course that walk you step-by-step how to set up, publish, customize and manage wordpress websites.

The wordpress ebook is free.

The video course is for sale.

If you decide to invest in the video course, I will give you a bonus. I am completing a video course on Google Hangouts and how to use them that I will give you if you invest in the wordpresss video course. (To claim your bonus, simply email your receipt to me at and I will send you access to the Google Hangout video course as soon as I’ve put the finishing touches on it. You probably know that having a Google Hangout is like having your own television channel – it’s awesome and powerful.)

This Google Hangout Video Course bonus offer is only good until September 20, 2013. So, make sure that you take advantage of this offer. Also, I will be raising the price of the wordpress video course in a few weeks.

Make sure that you download your copy of the wordpress ebook so that you have a better understanding of wordpress.



P.S. For more information about wordpress websites, visit me here

P.P.S. You owe it to yourself to take a look at learning WordPress. You might be surprised how effective they are for your business goals.

P.P.P.S. Thanks for being a subscriber.

Art or Business

Many photography enthusiasts consider themselves artists and their photography art. This is fine. But, many of them feel that art should stand on its own and not need any business strategies.

The following excerpt is from a Facebook post of Colin Theriot. I first heard about Colin Theriot while networking with other marketers. He is a highly regarded copywriter. He is also one of those multi-talented people. Do a search on Facebook to find out more about him.

Here is the excerpt:

Here are a whole bunch of ways that thinking like an artist can improve your business.

1. Create your genre – if you are having trouble being a competitor at a certain level, put a twist in things. Just enough so that the public has to create a new sub-category where you are now not competing, but have a feature that makes you stand alone. Dali took realistic painting into bizarre worlds of his imagination. Picasso took raw emotion and stripped it down to single lines, rendered just-so on the first try. How will you take what others do and make it your own?

2. Go meta – your work is not simply your work. Good work exists as almost an ongoing commentary of all previous and current work. How are you elevating it? How are you bringing in something new? The renaissance commented on the poor rendering of traditional religious iconography. Impressionism commented on the removal of true light and real nature from classical art. Cubism explored the forms and shapes of composition, devoid of realistic rendering. What would YOU change about your industry, and how can your work make that statement for you?

3. Start a school – create imitators, and you will position yourself as a leader. You are either a student, a craftsman, or a master. Mastery is the path to more profit, with less work. Monet was going blind, accidentally created Impressionism, and then taught perfectly healthy people how to “see” like he did. What can you teach your peers – even your competitors – that will make the world see you as the true source?

4. Become a piece – many of the most successful postmodern artists – that is to say, ones that made themselves famous and rich BEFORE they died – were excellently engineered personas. Their work became more interesting and desirable because THEY were interesting people. Warhol. Schnabel. Picasso. Dali. How does who YOU are make an impact on your work and your customers?

5. Hide the work – Art is frequently about an instantaneous idea transmitted visually. What is hidden is the planning, the toil, the repetition, the work… All the audience sees is the appearance of effortless and rapid genius. The gallery is the showroom, the studio is secret. Sargent created paintings that looked like perfect impressions. Every brush stroke is perfect on the first try. This is because he did one at a time, and if it wasn’t perfect, he wiped it off – sometimes hundreds of times. But the one he left on the canvas was perfect. Make it look easy, and you will get imitators who cannot duplicate.

6. Tell stories – the value of a piece of art is amplified by its story. The pedigree of its creator. The context of creation. The tale of inspiration. The provenance of who owned it. The geography of where it’s been. The history it has survived. All of this makes some paint on fabric worth much much more than other paint on other fabric. Because of this mechanism, sometimes even FORGERIES of famous works have more value than the originals, because they have a better story. Why is your work more meaningful BECAUSE of the story instead of the work itself?

7. Where is as important as what – art, like business, is not a meritocracy. The most accomplished, skilled, talented, transcendent art is nothing without an audience. Where is it shown? Where does it live? Is it on a piece of board in someone’s home, or is it forever preserved on the ceiling of a building that is, itself, a work of art? Michelangelo is more famous than his contemporaries because of what he painted ON. So where does your work “live”? How can you place your work in more prestigious places?

8. It’s not done – The art arguably belongs to the artist until he or she is dead. Don’t be afraid to revisit old works and themes. Mine them, aug,net them with a fresh twist, and profit from them again. Cezanne was frequently thrown out of museums for busting out paints and adjusting his own work even as it was hanging on the gallery wall. The writer Flannery O’Connor frequently re-wrote her stories every time they were re-published. Gene Rodrigue made millions by drawing the same blue dog over and over. How can you extend the life of everything you create?

9. Vision should exceed skill – in art school, I quickly learned that my grade was not based on the work I turned in, but what high ambitions I intended, but fell short of. Aim high. Try hard. Get close. Your audience forgives as long as they get value. Plus, this attitude challenges you to change and improve. That way, the audience never gets tired of your “thing” because your thing gets better and better.

10. Performance is a shortcut – performance art wasn’t a thing until postmodernism. Or rather, performance was respected as a craft, but not seen as the “product” itself. But more than any other representation of ideas, performance is seen as the highest perceived skill level for the performer. And that leads to the highest perceived value for the audience. If this doesn’t click for you and art, think of music. Concert tickets cost way more than albums, because you get to see them play the same song IN REAL LIFE. How can you perform your content into existence and create more value?

11. Borrowing as homage – like above, when I talked about going meta, there is a way to reference and include everything awesome that came before you, as long as you cite it, and revere it, before you argue with and subvert it. In business, like art, you need to acknowledge the shoulders you stand on before you put on the cleats and start stomping. You’d be amazed at how much you can just repeat what your forebears have said, whole giving credit and deference, and still get massive benefit by being seen as an “expert”.

12. Legacy – this is not necessarily about thinking of longevity, but more about how your work will be seen in the context of your niche. Is it just more of the same? Or did you change the game? Did you shift the focus? Did you start a trend? If you are doing it right, you are getting haters, imitators, fans, and critics. That means you MATTER. Make a mark. It’s better to make a mark than it is to be good.

13. Rarity – all works of art are unique. Even when they make printed copies, they limit and number them, to make them more valuable because they are rare. Now, as a business, you want to have things that any and everyone can buy. But you also want to think about rarity, and how that can create an eliteness – a collector mentality – in your fan base. What can you create or share that is DELIBERATELY small scale and exclusive? How can you leverage that perception to charge more for the same information people can find elsewhere?

There are many more lessons, obviously. But I think thirteen is a good stopping point. Does this spark your interest? Is this something you got value from? If so, how?