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Whether your goal is to start a photography business, find your photography niche, or test your most effective photography marketing strategies, Freelance Photography is a good route to pursue. First of all, it doesn’t require that much. For the most part, all you need to start is a camera and internet access (actually, you could get started without the internet access, but, you must have access because you’re reading this:-)

Second, freelance photography offers opportunities for photographers “thinking about” making a few dollars from their photography passion. With the proper basics, an amateur photographer can work on a freelance business and generate some pretty good money – if you work wisely. Too many photographers, for example, take on photography jobs that are too time consuming. Often, they don’t figure that their time is also money. Eventually, however, reality sets in! Freelancing allows photographers to get a “feel” for the photography niche and the subsequent “workflow” of the niche.

Another great advantage of starting a freelance photography business is that it can be successfully operated on a part-time basis – which is perfect for home based businesses and for work at home moms, and others.