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A good amateur photography tip for amateur photographers is not to get "caught-up" in the title of "amateur photographer." Professional photographers depend on making money with their photography. Amateurs don’t. That’s about the only difference between professional photographers and amateur photographers. The fact is, that there are amateur photographers that shoot much better work than most professional photographers. This was a surprise to me. I accidently learned this nugget while taking a great photography course.

At first, I wasn’t interested in a photography course. Not that I’m against formal training. My experience with the standard photography course is that they tend to focus on artistic photography. The audience that I cater to buys “salable” photography, not “artistic” photography. There is a difference! I enjoy shooting artistic photography. I pay for my “photography habit” by shooting salable photography. So, a good photography course for me built and reinforced my confidence with my camera. Once I learned how to confidently “manage” all functions of my camera, my confidence as a ‘qualified’ photographer literally exploded, and I knew it!! For me, the “lights came on” by accidentally using a photography course that made me a “master-user” of my cameras. Now, I successfully shoot and sell what people want, “salable” photography. My success allows me the time to do the creative/artsy photography that I enjoy (and it makes me enough extra money that allows me to needlessly buy all of the “latest” equipment that I don’t really need!) Go here and enroll now. You will shock yourself and your friends with the quality of your work!