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Competent photo editing skills with Photoshop is a valid Photography Niche, in my opinion. Advancing technology is rapidly “leveling-the-playing-field” in many ways. None, as dramatic as photography, from digital photography and digital cameras in cell phones to the capacity to “produce” almost any image imaginable. Having the skills has become a “photography niche” in itself.

The skills and results that Photoshop offers were only available to high-end film companies, large advertising agencies and large graphic designers, are now just as available to anyone with or without a camera (or a cell phone). That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Photoshop has one of the most severe “drop-off” rates of almost any of the latest technological advancements, today. “Drop-off rates” is a category used to describe the rate at which the new users of a software program quit trying to learn it because of difficulty. Another way of describing the experience is a difficult “learning-curve.” Either way, for many, the challenge of learning how to use Photoshop is impossible. That’s one of the reasons that there are so many tutorials available on this program. The key, of course, is finding a great Photoshop learning resource that is effective, easy, inexpensive and quick. Most people aware of Photoshop’s promise, want to learn Photoshop now, rather than gradually.

Those that have “mastered” the “learning-curve” have photo-editing skills are in very high demand. Many photographers have discovered this and have added retouching services to their photography businesses. Some have increased business so successfully and dramatically, that they now profit more from their photo-editing skills as a photography niche than any of their traditional photography niche. There are some in-demand Photoshop users that don’t even own or use a camera! Their entire relationship to the world of photography is their set of highly desired Photoshop skills. This is a relationship and photography niche that didn’t exist prior to Photoshop.

Considered the “standard” for quality digital photo-editing around the world, successfully learning Photoshop clearly puts skills in the hands of anyone that takes the time to master the learning-curve. Click here now to download a free guide: “Learning Photoshop for Newbies” and beat the curve.