Here are a few photography website marketing tips that I’d like to share. Too often, many of us photographers “fall too much in love” with our photography website. While I fully understand it – I also think that it works against us, sometimes. For example, we design our photography website to please our interest and our ‘taste.’ We do not consider that we should be using our website to appeal to potential clients. And, as a rule, they do not ‘see’ the same things that we ‘see’ (that’s one of the reasons that we’re the photographers, isn’t it?)

Anyway, over the years, after noticing how “in love” I’ve fallen with my photography websites, I had to develop some criteria to “pull my head out of the clouds.” I better understand it now. Photography websites should be useful for potential clients – unless the purpose of our website is just to demonstrate our “creative artsiness.” I developed a set of questions to ‘test’ our photography website’s IQ.

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