how to sell amateur digital photographyDo you ever wonder how to sell amateur digital photography? I know that I did when I first began shooting digital photography. With digital we are able to shoot lots and lots of photos. And with so many photos, I could not help but wonder how I could make a little money by selling some of my photos.

One of my biggest problems was that I did not know where to begin to find out. Another problem that I found that I had was not knowing ‘exactly’ how the world of photography worked. So, I not only did not know how to sell amateur digital photography, I didn’t know quite a few important facts about selling photography.

One of my biggest disappointments was finding out that many of the photos that I had (that I thought were so “great”) were so common and plentiful in the world of digital photography that there was no demand for many of the shots that I had. For example, I get a big kick out of shooting flowers, especially wild flowers. But, I found out that photos of flowers are plentiful and, as a result, there’s not a large demand for them.

I still enjoy shooting flowers and I enjoy looking at them and displaying them. Now that I know a lot more about how to sell amateur digital photography, I can specifically research and shoot images that are more in demand.