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Photography marketing for photographers is needed because photos don’t sell themselves. Here’s a video that teaches you the importance of your photography website. Fine tune your website’s effectiveness by getting your website reviewed http://marketing-for-photographers-and-photography.com/WebsiteReview101 then take the review report and correct the noted issues. This video also covers the limitations and the pluses of “flash photography websites” versus static html websites.

The playing field is much more level for small photography businesses. We can now compete with the “big boys” with a fine tuned photography website. It really isn’t as complicated as we sometimes think it is.

Most photographers don’t “review” their own websites. If more of us did, more of us would find out how easy it is to compete in the world of the photography business. For example, having your photography website reviewed is a critical step that your competitors probably aren’t considering. Also, learning the value (and ease-of-use) of keywords is another ‘field-leveling’ skill set for photographers.

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By the way, when you learn keyword research, you will be able to ‘tag’ your photos with the keywords that specific photo buyers are searching for. If you wanted to know how to sell digital photography — I just shared a golden nugget with you.