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I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but the photographers that sell more of their work, and get called by people wanting to hire them, and that get paid multiple times what we get paid for the same quality of work, etc. etc. They have something that the rest of the photographers do not have. And until we do have it we will continue to be “the rest of the photographers.” (Which is alright, but not exactly the goal to shoot for….) And, what they have has very little to do with the quality of their photography!

So, what is it that “the successful photographers” have?

photography marketing platform, author expert marketing machines reviewLet me answer that with an example: In the photo I am standing with my friend Frank Kern, one of the most successful marketers in the history of the internet. He is also one of the most popular internet marketers and known to be a “thought leader.” Here’s my example: although, to my knowledge, Frank does not consider himself a photographer, in my opinion, if he decided to be a photographer today and started making himself available in the next two to three days, he would get more calls for his “photography skills” than “the rest of the photographers!” And, he will get lots and lots of money for his “expert photography work!”

This is because Frank Kern has what the successful photographers have. And that is Platform.

For a more detailed understanding of Platform, check out the book by author, Michael Hyatt, Platform – Get Noticed In A Noisy World. It is a very good, valuable and educational read.

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You and I need a Platform to rise above the noise of our competition.

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