Recently, I came accross an article titled: “5 Reasons Not To Use Groupon Marketing For Your Photography Business.” I found it to be a useful article, especially if you’re considering using Groupon or any other of the group buying websites. The article author offers her experiences and the amount of money and time that it cost her – very informative.

As informative as the article about using group buying websites is, it leaves out a “huge red flag” that I would have added. And that is this: Although many businesses report that using sites such as Groupon, SocialLiving and others brought in lots of customers, once they were gone – that was it! In my opinion and experience, businesses that use such sites to market their businesses MUST have a method of collecting contact information from the many customers. Offering a VIP Loyalty Program that communicates by text messages allows customers to easily sign up to be a part of the program. Then, the businesses have a way of communicating special offers, discounts and deals to their list of customers.

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