–>When it comes to my perception of photography, it is relatively simple: I see something and I want to share what I see with others. Often, I wonder if viewers of my photos see what it is that I want them to see. My hope is that they enjoy what they see. My preference is that they see what I want them to see. But, that’s just me and how I enjoy photography.

I respect and am often intrigued by other photographers perception of photography. Many view photography as an art form and as creative. Others see themselves and their work as archivists of life. Still, others see themselves as story tellers. The video below is an example of more perceptions. It offers “the role of photographers.”

Power of Photojournalism – Winners of the 66th Pictures of the Year International and editors talk about photojournalism and their work. Video courtesy of The Annenberg Space for Photography and Arclight Productions.

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