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Here is an article that is about a woman with breast cancer and how photography and video were used to tell a significant story. This is a very meaningful article for me on many levels. I especially wanted to share it with anyone that can get inspirational ideas for what we do as photographers.

Have You YouTubed Yet?

I recently published a YouTube webinar that I put up for sale. I have since decided not to sell this information and instead give it away. I have returned the money to those who purchased this YouTube resource before I made my decision to give it away.

How to use YouTube for businessHere’s the deal: in my opinion, YouTube is too powerful and useful of a tool to remain the secret that it is. Learning how to use YouTube is like learning how to use email – confusing at first, but once learned, a piece-of-cake to use.

Currently, using YouTube is free (at least, it doesn’t cost you any money – it does require some of your time – not much, though, once you learn the basics of YouTube.) Even just on a very basic level, it should be easy to see how knowing how to use YouTube will be beneficial – especially for photographers.

Do yourself a favor, take a look at what YouTube is. You just might be inspired!

Nature Photography Resources

If nature photography is your niche, you must visit Inside Nature Photography. It’s where I go when I want to learn more about the nature photography niche.

Keep shooting……….