Have you assessed yourself as a photographer lately? Recently, I found an article that asks the question “What Type of Photographer Are You?” The author does an interesting take on photographers and basically divides photography in two types: photography as art & photography as craft.

You might find it an interesting read, also.

Photography Inspires

Have you ever dreamed of having your own book or product? Most of us dream such dreams all of the time – photography inspires us a lot! We all have, at least, one such product in us, in my opinion. It may not be a product. You might have a passionate cause that you want to give “voice” to and share with the world. Many of us do.

I know that I have.

And, fortunately, I now know how to convert “passion” in to a product that I can share with others. As an example, in recent issues, I’ve shared some valuable and informative YouTube resources at www.HowToUseYouTubeForBusiness.com That website is a small example of the tools that I use to develop and publish valuable resources. If you’ve visited the website, you’ve found that the YouTube resources there are educational and valuable. In this case, I’m not selling the resources.

The tools that I used are accessible to any and everybody. The strategies, however, are the critical ingredients that make “idea-to-product-creation” formula successful. In the next issue, I’m going to share access to the strategies that I’ve been introduced to and use. (I’ve used the strategies and tools to help others publish and promote very successfully!)

Watch for the next issue tomorrow.

Keep shooting….