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Sometimes, some photographers have trouble setting prices for their photography. I know that I had trouble setting prices. Since then, however, setting prices is no longer a challenge for me. It turns out that I was making too much out of it. There are no “set standards” of setting prices, in my opinion. Yes, there are ‘pricing charts’ available. But, they are not as scientific as they claim to be. And for many photographers, they aren’t very helpful or informative.

About 3 years ago I made a video about how I set my event photography prices. I just republished it on my home page www.MarketPhotography.com You might find it helpful in giving an example of how I, initially, set prices.

Still Waiting To Be An Expert?

Do you have a positive message, book or product that will help people in the world. You know that the world certainly needs positive messages now. Two more things are certain: 1.) you need to get your message out there and 2.) you need to be clear about your expertise.

I made a video about you, the expert. If I have not shared it with you before, I apologize. Take a look at it now (it’s less than 3 minutes). The world is waiting for you and your positive message.

A Great Digital Photography Course & A Bonus

I’ve found that there are many digital photography courses available online. Many of them are very good. And many of them aren’t good at all.

Proud Photography gets my highest recommendation as a digital photography online course. First of all, their course is very good. But, for me, I’m impressed with the guarantee that they provide. More significantly, they provide one-on-one mentoring with a qualified photography instructor. In my opinion, the only way you cannot learn digital photography and how to confidently shoot is if you do not follow the steps. They’re very good. But, they can’t make you do what’s best for you.

I want to offer you a great bonus if you purchase the Proud Photography course. The first 10 of you that purchases a Proud Photography course will receive a travel photography business course. This type of travel photography business will surprise you. The course comes in a 100+ page easy to read and follow ebook.

Here’s how to redeem your bonus: After your purchase, go here and copy and paste your receipt info in the comment box at the bottom of the page. I will send your bonus within 24 hrs.

Keep shooting…..