If you visited the website article about “How To Know When You’re Ready To Go Pro” that I shared with you in the last issue, you might have also read the comments below the video. I did, and what I noticed is a lingering issue that I find in most photography networks and forums.

It seems that there are many photographers that resent photographers that make more money with their average photography than the “better” photographers make with their “great” photography (the resenting photographers all claim to be outstanding photographers…… and they well may be for all I know)

In my opinion, the “resentful” photographers fail to clearly understand the landscape of the photography environment.

Things have changed.

Some things have not changed.

One of the things that has not changed is this: Great photography does not sell itself – it never has and it never will. Photography marketing does. Period.

Photographers that successfully make money with their photography are willing to do what photographers that do not successfully make money are simply not willing to do. Marketing.

Know this: the quality of our photography is not determined or measured by whether we can make money from it or not. The quality of our work does not determine its value. We do. Whether we get paid that value or get the credit for doing ‘valuable’ work is a direct result of marketing. Period.

Know this: advertising and selling is NOT the same as marketing. Marketing is an ongoing process. It has a beginning. But, it never ends. Learn what marketing actually is and you will be better able to make money with your photography – if that is what you want to do. Even if you just want to be recognized for the skilled photographer that you are and for your consistently outstanding work, it is marketing that will do it. Nothing else.

Learn what marketing is. Implement it a little bit at a time. (With all of the free tools available, it will just cost you your time, not your money.) Don’t overcomplicate it. Be yourself. Be your own brand. People will love you for being real and authentic.

Here is a list of 50 photography marketing tips that you might find useful.


Keep shooting………..


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