Thanks for all the great feedback on the Instant Photography Websites package. It definitely sounds like this is an areas where photographers want more options!

There are a couple of questions that keep coming up so I thought I’d  save some time and cover them here for everyone…

1. I’m totally inexperienced, will I be able to do this?Matt assures me, he’s got a 100% success rate here, as long as people ask for help when they get stuck. So if you’re new to all this and not real technical, as long as you’re prepared to take your time and follow the instructions, you should be right … and if you do get into trouble, you’ll find Matt is there to assist.

Check out the testimonials… there’s a link right at the bottom of the page below… and you’ll see there’s nothing but praise for the support you get with this!

Instant Photo Websites

2. What are the ongoing costs?A domain name should only cost you $10 or $12 a year (Be careful about the super cheap prices as they’ll usually renew at a much higher rate!)

Web hosting is the ongoing cost, but you can get good hosting deals for $5 – $10 a month. Matt’s got some good tips on this in the Members Area, plus some notes on compatibility, so make sure you check those before you  go setting anything up.

3. Can I change the design, get rid of the ads, make it more ‘photographic’?

Absolutely. This system is design so you can set the website up fast, with all the boring/tedious stuff done for you, so you can then spend your time on the important and creative aspects…

The Ads take forever to set up, but just seconds to delete, so Matt’s already added heaps, so you can just delete what you don’t want and get on with other things.

The Theme is just a starting point. There are thousands of free themes
available you can install with a couple of clicks and there’s a detailed demo on customizing them to your needs.

The Photos are obviously what it’s all about, and you can use a theme that puts more emphasis on them if you want. Again, there’s lots of options and lots of help to make sure you get the site you want!

OK, I’ll leave it there for now. I hope that’s helped you out, but if you have any other questions, please do let me know.

Remember this special subscribers-only offer is only for this weekend, so make sure you check it out and grab it before it’s too late…

Instant Photo Websites

Talk soon,