Once you get the passion for photography, it is just a matter of time before you wonder how to start a photography business. While all of us that wonder don’t take any action to start a photography business, many of us do.

start a photography businessI’ve found that there are many different methods of starting a photography business. More and more photography hobbyists and amateur photographers want to make money with their photography just to pay for their photography “habit.”

There is stock photography, which is the selling (actually it is the ‘leasing’ the right to use) photos that we’ve taken already. There are many stock photography websites catering to photographers of all types. This is a photography niche that has truly felt the digital photography “revolution.” Not only have prices dramatically dropped, the entire pricing structure of the niche is undergoing constant changes.

When I participated in the stock photography niche, I submitted many photos. But, I only made any money with my shots of preschool children in preschool settings. I was able to arrange for photo releases with the parents and families of the children. I found out later that many photographers had trouble securing the releases and could not take photos. So, as a result, my photos did not have much competition.

But, to be honest, I accidently found success. Like so many photographers that want to either make money with photography or start a photography business, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” about the business of photography. Years and years later, I learned a few things.

One of the major reasons that I built www.MarketPhotography.com, was to share marketing information, resources and resources with other photographers like myself. I like to help people anyway. I remember how frustrating it was for me when I first got bit by the photography bug and tried to make money. I made mistake after mistake after mistake. I lost money. I did not make much money, at all. Now that I “know” more, I felt that I had to share what I came to understand about the process of starting a photography business – more specifically – photography marketing for photographers.

Recently, I read an article about starting a photography business. The author wrote that to succeed, you have to:

  • Pay your dues
  • Get your education
  • Learn from the pros
  • Know your stuff
  • Network
  • Value your customers

My experience only allows me to agree with two of those listed: Know your stuff & Value your customers. As photographers, amateurs, hobbyists or pros, we must always continue to get better with our photography. That is how to “Know your stuff,” in my opinion. And I am currently experiencing the benefits of “Valuing customers,” which is the best marketing strategy for any business, photography or otherwise.

There are many different entries into the photography business world. Photography on a part-time basis is more practical for many photography business newbies, in my opinion.

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