Video is currently the most popular format on the internet. This is a great time for photographers, in my opinion. The tools that are available to us allow us to show our work with 85% of the world’s population (that is the percentage of the world’s population that has access to the internet). Online videos are not only easy to produce, they’re one of the best methods of preventing the theft of the work of photographers. Many photographers are reluctant to display their work online due to threat of it being stolen. And, unfortunately, they have every reason to be reluctant.

Video, however, makes it almost impossible to steal your work, while at the same time allowing you to display your work to the world.

One of the easiest video producing tools is Animoto. The video below is a review of how easy it is to use Animoto in “real time.” In less than six and one half minutes I produce a professional looking videos. In that same amount of time I will also post and upload the video that I made in the demo to Facebook!

Note: in being transparent, I am using the Pro version of Animoto. They also offer a free version and different price ranges.

This demo video was actually done in “real time” – continuous shooting with not edited breaks – mistakes and all. But, you will clearly see the power of Animoto to make videos that can go viral and put your work in front of larger audiences.