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Kalem Aquil is a ‘semi-burnt-out’ photographer that dispenses free, unsolicited (yet, very good and accurate) tips and advice to budding photographers that want to take their photography business to the next level. He dispenses such advice to budding photographers such as “where to start,” “what to charge,” “how to know if you’re really, really ready,” etc. etc. etc. He dispenses his free and unsolicited advice here. Subscribe to his free ezine, the Best Amateur Photography Tips Digest, and receive a Bonus Special Report – “How To Build Your Own Successful Photography Website.” Click here to subscribe.

3 thoughts on “About PhotographyMarketing’s Publisher”

  1. I loved your article on event photography, it had great information. I have a question on your pricing. You stated that you charge $125.00 per hr does that include the cd’s and albums that you offer? Thanks Marty

  2. Thanks Marty

    Yes, my fee includes the CDs and the album. I use Google’s Picasa2 to make the slideshow CDs. As you may know, Picasa2 is free. But, it does a great job of producing imaginative CDs that I can give to customers. The slideshows are of quality, are flexible and very simple to operate (with picasa the slideshow will play on any computer without extra software and the slideshow starts when the CD is inserted in the computer.

    I always use leather bound albums. Usually, the challenge in finding quality albums is finding albums with enough inserts to include a large number of photos. Also, I package the albums in an attractive box. The combination of leather album and attractive box packaging adds “value” to what I deliver as the end product.

    Long story short: yes, the CDs and albums are included in the hourly fee.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks it was very helpful!

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