SEO For Photographers

Photographers that take SEO for photographers seriously are the photographers that get the most leads. SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of setting up criteria on and off your photography website that makes your website “relevant” to search engines. SEO techniques are mysterious – until you learn what the techniques are and why they work.

SEO for PhotographersActually, the techniques of SEO for photographers aren’t difficult to learn and to implement. The factors that make SEO work are set and controlled by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, with Google being the most dominant. And while initially understanding how it works seems esoteric, it makes sense when you know why it works. Once I clearly understood why and how SEO for photographers works, my photography websites began to get much more traffic. And when I learned how using search engine optimization can target local customers for my photography business, I made the changes to my website and I’m still reaping the rewards. In other words, SEO for photographers works like gangbusters!

Unfortunately, most photographers do not use search engine optimization. Many, mistakenly, assume that learning search engine optimization basics is a waste of time. Yet, many of these same photographers struggle to get new leads. The reality is that people are “always” searching online for photographers. And the photographers that they find are the photographers that they do business with. (Once again, it has nothing to do with the quality of the photographers’ work.) It’s simple – you cannot win a race if you are not in the race. If you are not using SEO and other photographers are – you cannot win.

In addition to being able to target your locality with SEO, you are also able to use your specific photography niche to target people looking for the type of photography that is your niche. Combine photography niche specificity with local area specificity and you can ensure that your photography website stands out like an irresistible lead magnet. At least, that has been and continues to be my experience.

Among the photography websites that I own, I want to share two of them that I use SEO.

The first is, which is an “authority” site. Its focus is on “photography marketing for photographers.” For years, this website was ranked in the top 3 results on the first page of Googe and Yahoo search engines. It has since lost that prominence. But, this was the website that proved to me that SEO for photographers works and works very well.

The second website is, which is a website that I built as part of a free course that I published: How To Build A Photography Website. I now use the website to promote my Portrait Photography services. Search engine optimization is a major factor with this website. I focuses on a specific niche in a specific locality. The SEO that I use for the website reflects those specifics.

Long story short: SEO for photographers works and works very, very well, in my opinion. For me, it was like when I found out about email: at the time, the last thing that I wanted was “another” channel to ‘receive’ messages. Also, it intimidated me because it was so new. But, I have since “conquered” my fear of email and can’t imagine how I could successfully run my businesses without email.

SEO for photographers had the same “discovery” process for me. For example, if I didn’t know and now use SEO, chances are, you would not be reading this content.

Do yourself a big favor: learn SEO for photographers and watch your photography business grow!

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