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I used to be afraid of WordPress websites. Yes, I heard how “fantastic” they were and how (supposedly) “easy” they were to work with. But, wordpress just wasn’t working for me!

I tried building wordpress websites using various resources that were supposed to make it easy. But, they just were not working for me! I just didn’t get it. I have multiple websites. My oldest and largest website is an html website. And, for the most part, I am very happy with html.

But, since I’ve been consulting for small businesses, many small business owners are always asking me about wordpress websites. So, I continued to try my hand with wordpress websites.

And then it clicked for me! I finally got it! (Apparently, I was making it much too difficult.)

This year, I have built dozens of wordpress sites – most of them for small business owners. Many small business owners kept telling me that they wanted to build their websites themselves. So, I put together a video course that many of them are very happy with and I want to share it with you.

First, though, here is an ebook that gives a great understanding of why wordpress sites are so popular these days. Click Here to download your copy.

The videos that make up the WordPress Video Course are the videos that eliminated my wordpress fears. There are over 20 videos in the course that walk you step-by-step how to set up, publish, customize and manage wordpress websites.

The wordpress ebook is free.

The video course is for sale.

If you decide to invest in the video course, I will give you a bonus. I am completing a video course on Google Hangouts and how to use them that I will give you if you invest in the wordpresss video course. (To claim your bonus, simply email your receipt to me at KalemAquilMarketingTips@gmail.com and I will send you access to the Google Hangout video course as soon as I’ve put the finishing touches on it. You probably know that having a Google Hangout is like having your own television channel – it’s awesome and powerful.)

This Google Hangout Video Course bonus offer is only good until September 20, 2013. So, make sure that you take advantage of this offer. Also, I will be raising the price of the wordpress video course in a few weeks.

Make sure that you download your copy of the wordpress ebook so that you have a better understanding of wordpress.



P.S. For more information about wordpress websites, visit me here http://kalemaquil.com/wordpress-websites-for-business-owners-who-dont-have-time-for-websites/

P.P.S. You owe it to yourself to take a look at learning WordPress. You might be surprised how effective they are for your business goals.

P.P.P.S. Thanks for being a subscriber.