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Video Description

How To Set Photography Pricing with Value is the lesson in this video. When it comes to selling digital photography or selling amateur digital photography, too many photographers get it wrong. This video offers how to price photography. First the photographer must have “photography confidence” http://bit.ly/PhotographyCourse (this is the “confidence-building” photography course referred to in this video. Too many photographers use the wrong factors when they price their photography and their photography services.

When I look at the marketing of many photographers, I am often amazed at how they go about operating their photography business. One of the challenges that I see the most often is the ability to set profitable photography prices for themselves.

Recently, I was hired to give a marketing workshop to members of a photography club. Most of the members responded that they were trying to make money with their photography. Most the newer photographers starting their business were at a loss at how to determine their photography prices. Many of them looked at the prices of photographers that had been in business for some time, and just copied the prices that they saw. That’s fine if the experienced photographer has prices that reflect “real value.” If not, the newer photographer is just repeating mistakes.

This video offers lessons that I’ve learned about setting photography prices. It isn’t as difficult to me now as it once was because I continue to see the lessons of the video work.

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