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I have made many mistakes in starting a home based photography business. 

how to start a photography businessMost of the time, I’ve done my best to correct my mistakes.

For example, I no longer do so. But, I mistakenly used to compete on my photography prices. At the time, I thought that having lower prices was a reasonable way to get started. Eventually I found out that is a huge mistake. Here is a link to a great, brief article on why you shouldn’t make the same mistake of competing on pricing your photography. I wish I knew what is in this article when I started my photography business.

How To Start Your Own Home Based Photography Business

Ever considered getting into the business of photography?

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Take a look at this free photography business training course.

I especially like this particular free training because it shows how to successfully build a home based photography business around your lifestyle instead of having to make big time adjustments to try to fit your life into someone else’s idea of having a home based photography business.

This explains everything…


Keep shooting………